Let's Chat About Your Child's Portrait Experience! 

They Grow Up SO Quickly... They Change Every Day!

In the blink of your eye, your little one changes.

Crawling, Walking, ... Off to College!!  Where does the time go?

There's never a PERFECT time. There's no BETTER time than RIGHT NOW! Your Complimentary Consultation will answer ALL of your questions and show you how simple and easy we've made


Celebrate the ones you love.


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What's Included In Your Session Fee

  • A Face-to-Face (or on the phone) chat to Find Out EXACTLY what you're hoping for in Your Child's Portrait Experience

  • Up to TWO Hours of photography to Explore Different Poses at a comfortable relaxed pace.

  • Discovery Consultation to help select just the right clothing and style of session

  • A 'What's Special About Your Child Right Now' Discussion.

  • At home or in the studio. Your Choice.

    Props or No Props... again, Your Choice!

  • Professional Retouching of all of Your Portraits...

    You're going to look AMAZING!

  • LIVE VIEWING of Your Portraits on a giant screen to see EVERY DETAIL to Help You Select the ones you LOVE! 

Childrens Portrait

Are You Ready To Hold Onto These Memories?  

With everyone's busy schedules, we know how hard it can be to carve out the time for your Child's Photo shoot.  Between work, school, and all of the activities it may seem like an impossible task to find a day where you can schedule the session. The problem is when you don't make the time, the years pass by and your children grow up right before your eyes. Stop waiting for the perfect time.  It's TODAY.

At Stuart Hasson Studios we have designed our sessions to not only capture your child’s portrait,

but to be a fun, stress-free experience full of memories that will last a lifetime.  


My favorite moment for every client is when you get to see your photographs for the first time. It’s at this moment that you can finally see the Love and Beauty your child has right now.

These portraits will be in your home and will only grow more precious with time.

What Happens Now?


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Your photo session will be

Relaxed, Smooth and Comfortable.  Just the way you've

designed it... with our help :)


We bring all the Lighting and Camera gear needed to create perfect Studio-Styly Portraits, Inside or On Location.


Enjoy Your Experience....

We have photographed hundreds of kids and know how to make this a fun experience they will never forget. So breathe, relax and trust that we have everything under control. 


This portrait session will be full of laughs, hugs and memories

to last a lifetime. 


" This was such a special time for Sophia.  It was her Pink Phase... or maybe it was mine!  Either way, we had a fun session and we'll be able to laugh at these pictures together when she's grown up."

DeAnn Golden

Roswell, GA




"OMG! These pictures are PRECIOUS!! Thank you, Stuart!!"


Stephanie Lorenz

Big Canoe, GA

“Stuart was able to capture Natalie just as she is.  He was able to get the perfect expression.

He was very patient.”

Allison Lundquist

Roswell, GA

A little reminder of what is Included with your Session.

  • Up to TWO hours for your Child's Portrait Experience

  • Personal Design Consultation to help you deside on all of the details for your session.

  • A 'What's Special About Your Child Right Now' Discussion.

  • At home or in the studio. Your Choice.

    Props or No Props... again, Your Choice!

  • In Person Viewing of ALL your Portraits on a BIG SCREEN to see every detail in your Portrait

    so that you can select the ones you LOVE the most!


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